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Protect Yourself! Hire a Tree Service That Has Workers’ Comp Coverage

There are many factors to consider when hiring a tree service to work at your home or on your property. Plenty of tree service providers, as well as other types of businesses, intentionally carry limited insurance, or have no coverage at all. At Carolina Outdoor Care, customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities! That also means, we want our customers to feel safe knowing that we are insured with robust General Liability and Workers’ Compensation policies. 

As a property owner, the best way to protect yourself is to only hire a tree care service that offers workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. Tree service providers are performing dangerous work that can cause serious injuries. Though the employees working on your trees might have years of experience, there is always the chance for a mistake, a fall, or other injuries.  If an under-insured tree service worker suffers any sort of injury while working on your property, a judge could determine that you are liable for the costs related to the injury. 

What does Workers’ Comp Insurance pay for?

  • Payment for medical treatment and expenses. 
  • Payment for time-off work for recovery.
  • Payment for any permanent impairment. 
  • Rehabilitation services.  
  • Payment of benefits in the event of death.  


If you are in need of fully insured tree service specialists, please give us a call today!