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Caesars Head State Park
Caesars Head State Park

Best Practices To Maintain Healthy Trees

We have written about the many benefits of having trees around us. They provide beauty to our surrounding environments, and are shown to reduce stress. They provide oxygen, shade, and habitats for so many species. Trees increase property values and their shade can reduce energy bills. It is easy to take our everyday surroundings for granted, but trees are incredibly valuable to us all and we should make an effort to preserve them. Here are a few tree care practices that you can implement to help ensure your trees will survive and flourish for many years to come.

Inspect Trees for Insects and Disease

Generally, trees will display visual signs of distress. Take the time to check for insect infestations or disease. Leaf or limb discoloration, mushrooms around the base of a tree, bark abnormalities, dead limbs, and stunted leaf growth are all indications that a tree is in trouble. Carolina Outdoor Care has experts that can identify these problems, and provide solutions for them. Give us a call if you would like our Arborist to assess the health of your trees.

Mulching Makes an Impact

Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices a property owner can implement for tree health. Mulch can be applied to the soil surface to help maintain moisture levels and improve soil conditions. Mulching also helps control weed germination and growth and insulates the soil, protecting tree roots from extreme temperatures. If incorrectly applied, mulch can have a negative impact on the health of a tree.

Pruning Promotes Growth

Pruning branches that are weak, unproductive, or just in the way can actually encourage new growth in trees. The tree is able to concentrate resources into the remaining branches, making them stronger and healthier. The experts at Carolina Outdoor Care have many years of experience with pruning trees, and can ensure that your trees are properly trimmed to reduce disease and promote growth!