Professional Tree Service in the Greater Greenville Area

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning is necessary to promote the overall health of a tree, every tree needs a “haircut” from time to time (LOL). Tree pruning can help to remove dead and dying branches, increase light penetration and air movement throughout the trees, provide vertical clearance from objects like roofing and utility lines, restore and save storm damaged trees, and improve overall views from your property.

Your trees will receive individual treatments. Some trees require pruning every 3-5 years, while some trees can go 5-7 years between pruning. Trees of the ornamental variety may require pruning more often. At Carolina Outdoor Care, every tree will get the treatment and service it requires to create the best environment for the tree, and to provide our clients with many more years of useful service and enjoyment. During a consultation with our Arborist, Dennis, he will inform you of how pruning can be beneficial to the trees and bushes on your specific property.
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