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Affordable Lot Clearing in Greenville

Lot clearing can help you to see the potential in undeveloped, overgrown land. With level land free of debris, you have a blank canvas to create just about anything your imagination and budget can dream of. We can clean up the lot or completely clear it to allow space for building. When it comes to efficiency and professionalism, Carolina Outdoor, LLC is the company to call.

Many people purchase land to build a home specifically designed for them. Others use the land for recreational spaces like a garden, a pool, or even tennis and basketball courts. Commercial buyers take advantage of the often low cost to develop the land into business spaces they can lease out. No matter what your intended purpose is for the land, lot clearing by a team of experienced professionals will get it ready.

Preparing for Resale

Curb appeal makes a huge difference in the value of a space. Not all buyers have the ability to look at a fixer-upper and see the grand potential. By using effective lot clearing, you can increase the value of your property by up to 20 percent. Overgrowth can often make a plot of land seem much smaller. Eliminating the tall grass, unnecessary plants and tree stumps will make the spread seem larger, more appealing and safer for touring.

A Professional Tree Company

Stump removal and tree clearing can be complex and dangerous work. Considering the abounding surprises of nature, like beehives or wasp nests, snakes and unleveled ground, attempting the work yourself or hiring just anyone can put you at a major liability. We are licensed and have $2 million in liability insurance to cover any injuries that could occur.

We are professional arborists, which means we know and respect trees. If we don’t have to eliminate one, we can perform tree trimming or tree pruning it to help it grow in a healthy direction. When we come to your property to perform lot clearing, we take the job seriously and act consciously and with care for the environment.

With over 30 years of experience and professional grade equipment, we are able to perform a variety of tasks. We understand that vegetation on your property may be infringing on other people’s land or power lines. We have a great deal of experience in maneuvering branches and equipment to prevent any damage.

Common Aspects of Lot Clearing

Tree removal – Not all trees need to be removed, but if they are dead, dying or in the way of your construction plans, they should be taken out. As professional arborists, we have the knowledge to evaluate a specimen and decide whether it can be saved. Each should be evaluated individually. Strategies on removal may vary. We will determine the most safe and effective method to eliminate all unwanted trees while preserving any that you’d like to keep.

If you plan on building a new home on the land, we would suggest looking at the blueprints with your architect and discussing what plant life could stay without getting in the way of construction. Saplings take years to grow into fully developed trees that provide shade. If you can save any that are fully grown, it will make a beautiful difference in your landscaping.

Stump grinding – One of the most complex jobs in lot clearing is stump grinding. As a Greenville tree removal service, we know some people find ways to work stumps into their landscaping; but many people find them to be tripping hazards, eyesores or obstacles to construction. We have professional-grade machines that go below the soil line to remove stumps.

Root removal – Even when a tree has been cut down, the roots can continue to grow for years. These can be an impending danger to any foundation or water lines that you install. We will dig out all of the existing roots and grind the remains.

Professional Lot Clearing in Greenville We Care for the Environment

Lot clearing calls for the removal of dead or dying trees and plants, weeds, and other overgrowth. Some companies use chemicals to kill tree roots rather than dig them up and herbicides to save labor on plant overgrowth.

Not only can these chemicals seep into your groundwater and remain there for years, but they can affect the growth of new landscaping. If we choose to use any solutions, we ensure the products we select are environmentally friendly.

When it comes to lot clearing, you need a professional who cares. Call our tree company now for a free estimate on your job.

We provide lot clearing in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and the surrounding communities.

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Customer Reviews

"My husband and I used Carolina Outdoor Care a few months ago and were very pleased. We had put off having our three large trees cut down due to there closeness to the house and the cost. We had one dead tree and one that hung completely over our house. All three where within 10ft of the house. We also had power and cable lines running under the trees to the house and shop. I was terrified of the damage that could be done to our house and our budget. Carolina Outdoor Care had impeccable customer service. They were able to work within our budget and finished all the work in one day. There was no damage to our house or yard. It was amazing to watch them work. We will use Carolina Outdoor Care in the future and highly recommend them."

Shilah Pryor

"I have used Carolina Outdoor service to remove two trees from my backyard. One was dead and the other was endangering my neighbors property. Carolina Outdoor safely removed both trees and then pointed out ways I can reduce my liability with my remaining trees. They were on-time professionals and worked with-in my limited budget"

Tim. - Simpsonville SC

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