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Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Service

Tree Removal Emergency in Greenville

For removal help after a fierce storm, call our emergency tree service. When a large specimen damages your home or blocks the driveway, you need it removed completely and safely. Your property will be restored to normal in no time. Call 24/7.

When you need emergency tree service, you want a professional to take care of it. We have more than 30 years of experience. We are professional arborists with the training you absolutely must have in these threatening situations. Not only will we do emergency tree removal, we can also work with your insurance company directly – saving you the hassle!

After a Storm

A weakened trunk can come crashing down on your roof, car or power line. High winds can turn big branches into projectiles that crash through windows. At the very least, your yard can end up littered with branches and leaves. When we’re done with it, your property will look as good as new!

Don’t Move It Yourself

More than 200 people a year are killed by falling trees. This can happen when they are felled improperly in a routine tree removal or after a storm when property owners try to move a fallen trunk out of the way. A large specimen can weigh 10,000 lbs., and the energy pent up in twisted branches can unwind in an instant if you try to untangle the mess. Don’t risk your safety when professional help is just a phone call away.

Proper Safety Procedures

Emergency tree service is something we don’t take lightly. When we know a big windstorm is moving into the area, we’ll be ready for your call. We will come in with all the right heavy equipment to remove branches and lift the trunk. We know proper safety protocol when using a chainsaw to cut up twisted limbs. We know who to call at the power company if we need to remove a fallen canopy from a line. One phone call will take care of it, from tree clearing to stump removal.

Clearing Roads

Eliminate hazards and liability. Our Greenville emergency tree service responds immediately to remove obstructions from your driveway or street and do expert tree pruning to branches that are hanging dangerously low.

Insurance Help

We will document the damage with photos and a written report and work directly with your insurer. If the damage is covered, you pay only the deductible and the insurer will pay us directly for any additional costs.

Other Hazards

There are many other situations in which emergency tree service is needed.

Power Line Dangers

If a canopy is getting too close to power lines it can disrupt the electrical lines or even start a fire. Sometimes all it needs is tree pruning; but you may choose to remove it altogether if the problem keeps coming back.

Root Encroachment

If large roots break a sewer line, it creates an immediate health danger. Tree trimming is no help in these situations because the problem originates below ground. Cutting it down, followed by stump removal, will prevent the problem from happening again. However, the roots can send shoots out of the ground. Our tree care service is ready with stump grinding and special root-killing formulas.

You might also need quick tree removal if it’s breaking the foundation or in the way of construction. Your basement walls could cave in and the structural integrity of the house could be threatened if you don’t intervene fast. Not only can we perform tree clearing quickly; our stump grinding service will ensure a flat, even grade for future projects.

Greenville Emergency Tree ServiceRemove Weakened Trees

About three quarters of trees felled by big storms are either weak or dead. Their roots just can’t hold them upright under such stress. Don’t wait for the next storm to create a disaster; call for a free evaluation. We can do tree trimming of healthy ones and tree removal for those that are beyond saving.

Lot Clearing

You will want to perform emergency tree removal even on land that is not occupied, as it can create a hazard and an eyesore. Nature will take decades to do what our tree service can fix in a day or two. If you want to sell the land eventually, we have the equipment and skill to do professional lot clearing.

Count on us for all your tree care needs. We are available to you every day of the year and work with insurers. We are licensed and insured to $2 million.

Call now for emergency tree service in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and the nearby communities.

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Customer Reviews

"My husband and I used Carolina Outdoor Care a few months ago and were very pleased. We had put off having our three large trees cut down due to there closeness to the house and the cost. We had one dead tree and one that hung completely over our house. All three where within 10ft of the house. We also had power and cable lines running under the trees to the house and shop. I was terrified of the damage that could be done to our house and our budget. Carolina Outdoor Care had impeccable customer service. They were able to work within our budget and finished all the work in one day. There was no damage to our house or yard. It was amazing to watch them work. We will use Carolina Outdoor Care in the future and highly recommend them."

Shilah Pryor

"I have used Carolina Outdoor service to remove two trees from my backyard. One was dead and the other was endangering my neighbors property. Carolina Outdoor safely removed both trees and then pointed out ways I can reduce my liability with my remaining trees. They were on-time professionals and worked with-in my limited budget"

Tim. - Simpsonville SC

Damaged Tree