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Tree Removal

Professional Tree Service in Greenville

For professional tree service you can count on, call a licensed arborist with more than three decades of experience. Trees provide shade, oxygen and protection for your property – not to mention a cherished landmark! We will keep them their healthy best and remove unwanted ones safely. Our tree care service includes a full range of jobs the average property owner does not need to tackle alone including:

Tree Removal

We love trees as much as you do, but we recognize there are times when they need to be cut down. Perhaps you have one that is dead and leaning. Maybe you want to build an addition or a parking area. Your specimen could be interfering with your foundation or sewer line. If you have some that are planted too close together, they crowd one another out and create a hazard. We are here to solve your problems. Our tree service takes great care to protect the rest of your property as we work. We use OSHA-approved practices and are backed by three decades of experience and continual training. When we’re done, we can do stump removal and grinding to leave an even, smooth grade.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Don’t harm your branches or yourself by trying to tackle this part of tree service. Cuts need to be made in the proper place so that they don’t do harm. Hack away too much and you cause weakness and disease. We are licensed arborists, and you can count on us to do it properly. Tree pruning is generally done for health and safety reasons. Examples are when the treetops threaten to grow into a power line or when a low-hanging branch is obstructing the view of a busy roadway. Tree trimming is done mainly for aesthetic purposes, such as preserving the distinctive shape of the canopy or clearing out wild growth to preserve healthier limbs. Sometimes the terms are interchanged but either way, we have years of experience and the knowledge to do it right. Don’t put your favorite maple or magnolia in untrained hands. Call our tree company for a free cost estimate. No one knows better than we do that the right trimming, thinning and shaping can make a huge difference in the beauty of your landscape. Storm Damage? Strong weather systems can cause major destruction. Weak trunks can be blown over if they’re top heavy. Branches can snap off and be flung about like missiles. If your yard looks like a disaster area after a storm, call us 24/7. Our urgent tree service stands ready to clear away the damage and clean up the debris. From the biggest trunk in the driveway to the biggest pile of twigs, we’ll make your yard safe and beautiful again. Do you have an insurance claim? No problem. We can work directly with your homeowner’s insurance company, and the work we do will often be covered by your deductible.

Lot Clearing

Whether you want to build a home on ancestral land or want to sell a neglected commercial parcel, we can get it into tip-top shape very quickly. Our talented and highly skilled technicians can clear out unwanted trees and vegetation, kill weeds and mow overgrown grass. Tree removal – If you want to develop the land we will cut down the unwanted trees to make room for construction. If there are just too many and they have become an unattractive nuisance, we will thin them out and leave the best ones behind. Stump removal – When you have a new use in mind for your land, you want a clean slate. Our skilled tree service technicians can take down trunk remnants to near ground-level. Stump grinding – When you want to erase all traces of the trunk and get completely flat land, call us for fast and reliable work. With our professional equipment, you will kill the large roots that interfere with new landscaping and development.

Tree Company

Call our tree care specialists when you want service that is both highly professional and friendly. We offer free quotes, very reasonable prices and professional care. You don’t pay until we’ve performed to your satisfaction. We offer expert tree service in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and the entire surrounding area.

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Customer Reviews

"My husband and I used Carolina Outdoor Care a few months ago and were very pleased. We had put off having our three large trees cut down due to there closeness to the house and the cost. We had one dead tree and one that hung completely over our house. All three where within 10ft of the house. We also had power and cable lines running under the trees to the house and shop. I was terrified of the damage that could be done to our house and our budget. Carolina Outdoor Care had impeccable customer service. They were able to work within our budget and finished all the work in one day. There was no damage to our house or yard. It was amazing to watch them work. We will use Carolina Outdoor Care in the future and highly recommend them."

Shilah Pryor

"I have used Carolina Outdoor service to remove two trees from my backyard. One was dead and the other was endangering my neighbors property. Carolina Outdoor safely removed both trees and then pointed out ways I can reduce my liability with my remaining trees. They were on-time professionals and worked with-in my limited budget"

Tim. - Simpsonville SC

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