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Lawn Care Greenville Inviting grass and stellar gardens depend on excellent lawn care. When you don’t have the time – and who does these days? – depend on us. You won’t find another landscaping company that will take your yard’s health more seriously – or one who is more qualified! Keeping up appearances around your home or business is very important. Keeping your grass, gardens and borders healthy is vital to the investment you’ve made in your landscape design. Trust our lawn care to keep it looking its best at all times. Call now for a free estimate. Keeping Your Grass Healthy South Carolina has two major types of grasses, and each requires a different approach: Warm weather grass turns brown in the wintertime. Zoysia, centipede and Bermuda are examples. Cool weather grass, also known as evergreen, keeps its color all year long. It doesn’t do well in the heat of summer and requires special care to thrive. Species include Kentucky blue grass and tall fescue. Each type has its own tolerance for shade, heat, frost, and heavy usage. Some are suitable for a Saturday morning touch-football game and others are best left as part of the visual landscape design. The only sure way to tell what’s right for you is to call an experienced lawn care specialist. We’ve been a landscaping service for more than three decades. We are licensed and professional to handle any type of grass health issue. Mowing and Watering It seems like a rather mundane task, but it must be done properly to ensure proper growth. Grass shouldn’t be kept too short. The right height and mowing frequency are very important not only to health but to your water bill, too. Grass needs an average of one inch of water per week from rain or irrigation. Overwatering makes it more vulnerable to pests and the excess simply runs off into the street, wasting money and natural resources. As a premier landscaping company, we will use sprinklers wisely and keep your grass at the right height. Is your turf looking worse for wear? You need the right fertilizer to perk it up. Whether you like conventional or slow-release organic, proper nutrient levels will help the microbes in the soil do their job. Each treatment builds upon the others and will make your grass less susceptible to pests and drought. Pesticides Chinch bugs, grubs, mole crickets and fire ants – the creepy crawlies that invade your lawn can also destroy it and even harm your family. They cause millions of dollars in damage to turf every year in the US. With our special protection formulas and treatment scheduling, we will keep them at bay and help prevent their return. You can enjoy full use of your yard again with no brown patches or mounds. Weed Control Weeds are always a lawn care challenge. It’s impossible to prevent them, but we can pull up the welcome mat with regular treatments. More than that, our landscaping service and lawn care company will make your grass healthy and strong enough to resist them naturally. Precise Edging Rely on us to keep the borders of your grass neat and tidy with regular edging using top of the line equipment. Stray weeds and grass runners don’t stand a chance! Leaf Blowing Grass clippings, leaves and other debris will be blown away at every visit, keeping walkways, porches and sidewalks tidy and clean. It’s one of the little details that set us apart from the rest. We care! Lawn Care Company in Greenville Trust Our 30 Years in Lawn Care We are a local company who understands the local needs involved in total lawn care. We maintain a firm commitment to best practices, adopting new technology, and continual training. Let us get your grass and garden back in shape the professional way. We are also professional arborists and tree surgeons, so you can be sure we have the broadest base of knowledge possible.

Lawn Company Greenville

Great Prices for Lawn Care Our pricing is very competitive with no surprises. We will meet with you, set you up on a schedule and answer your questions at each visit. If you have special concerns between visits, we’ll gladly accommodate you. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently with the most advanced equipment available. Call now about quality lawn care in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and the surrounding areas.

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Customer Reviews

"My husband and I used Carolina Outdoor Care a few months ago and were very pleased. We had put off having our three large trees cut down due to there closeness to the house and the cost. We had one dead tree and one that hung completely over our house. All three where within 10ft of the house. We also had power and cable lines running under the trees to the house and shop. I was terrified of the damage that could be done to our house and our budget. Carolina Outdoor Care had impeccable customer service. They were able to work within our budget and finished all the work in one day. There was no damage to our house or yard. It was amazing to watch them work. We will use Carolina Outdoor Care in the future and highly recommend them."

Shilah Pryor

"I have used Carolina Outdoor service to remove two trees from my backyard. One was dead and the other was endangering my neighbors property. Carolina Outdoor safely removed both trees and then pointed out ways I can reduce my liability with my remaining trees. They were on-time professionals and worked with-in my limited budget"

Tim. - Simpsonville SC

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