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Greenville Landscape Design Experts

Make an amazing difference in your curb appeal with excellent landscape design. It’s more affordable than you think, and a very satisfying investment in your property. Trust your gardening and lawn care to a landscaping service known for quality work and top notch results.

Get a Fresh Start

Showcase the unique beauty of upstate trees, shrubs and flora right in your own yard. Our landscape design service makes it fast and easy. In a few short days you will transform the impression your property makes on passers-by – and give you deep, personal satisfaction when you come home and while you entertain.

Create a garden of brilliant annuals and lush, green shrubs that make your home look neat and well cared for. Turn a stately magnolia or maple into a statement place with a ring of flowers. Welcome visitors with elegant hedges along the driveway or gain privacy with a windbreak.

Great Design

A well designed yard makes a big difference in property value. One that is haphazard, made up of the wrong species for the soil and climate, or poorly proportioned is a waste of your hard earned money. We get it right every time by listening, planning and using our 30 years of experience.

On-site visit – First, we’ll look at the area you want to improve. We’ll study elevation, drainage, soil pH and wind patterns. No detail is left to chance because we want the plants to take hold and thrive.

Discussion – Next, we will talk to you about the look you’re after, whether geometric and crisp or free-flowing and romantic or somewhere in between. We’ll take into consideration the style of your home or building, as well as the size.

Personal preferences – We’ll talk about the colors and species that compliment your house and make you feel happy. Every plant has pros and cons, and every owner has a unique tolerance for maintenance. We’ll take the time to go over it.

Custom drawings – Based on our chats with you, our landscape design professionals will get to work creating sketches of your dream property. We’ll show you what could go where and how it will look. If you have changes, there is never a problem and never a surcharge.

Covering All Details

We are a landscape design company that really looks at the size and shape of your lot to determine what will work best. We collaborate with you every step of the way about what plants will frame your home to perfection, which ones will look great ringed around your patio, and which ones can tolerate the chemicals that splash out of a pool or fountain.

Landscape Design Company in Greenville

Finally, you can count on us to source plants that are hardy and bred to last. We use only the most reliable nurseries and suppliers. With a successful track record for more than three decades, we know where to go to get what you need, whether it is local or exotic.

Lawn Care

If your grass has ugly bald spots or is choked by weeds, it can ruin the effect of new landscape design. We don’t want that to happen! In addition to being a top performing landscaping service, we also offer care for your entire lawn. We’ll till, weed, feed, or roll out a fresh carpet of green you’ll be proud to show off.

Low Maintenance Landscaper

Do you want to conserve water and reduce the use of chemicals? We can create a landscape design that puts the focus on native species using xeriscaping principles. Of course, that doesn’t mean messy and overgrown! It means we understand the upstate environment, soil types and micro-climates like no one else. We can easily balance the desire for beauty with environmental friendliness in every landscape design we do.

Professional Landscape Service

Get to know a landscaping company that really knows its business! We are licensed, bonded and insured for $2 million through the BSI insurance company. Our staff is well-trained in both design and maintenance including safe and effective use of pesticides and fertilizers.

We offer landscape design in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and the entire upstate region.

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Customer Reviews

"My husband and I used Carolina Outdoor Care a few months ago and were very pleased. We had put off having our three large trees cut down due to there closeness to the house and the cost. We had one dead tree and one that hung completely over our house. All three where within 10ft of the house. We also had power and cable lines running under the trees to the house and shop. I was terrified of the damage that could be done to our house and our budget. Carolina Outdoor Care had impeccable customer service. They were able to work within our budget and finished all the work in one day. There was no damage to our house or yard. It was amazing to watch them work. We will use Carolina Outdoor Care in the future and highly recommend them."

Shilah Pryor

"I have used Carolina Outdoor service to remove two trees from my backyard. One was dead and the other was endangering my neighbors property. Carolina Outdoor safely removed both trees and then pointed out ways I can reduce my liability with my remaining trees. They were on-time professionals and worked with-in my limited budget"

Tim. - Simpsonville SC

Greenville Lawn Company