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Tree Removal


What is the process to have a tree removed from my yard?
When you discover a tree that is diseased, dead or dying, or a tree that needs to be removed for new construction or aesthetics, call us for a free quote to have the problem solved. We offer several payment options for your convenience. Once you call Carolina Outdoor Care, the owner of the company will schedule a visit to your home and assess the situation, we give the homeowner a written quote and then we can schedule the work to be completed in a timely and professional manner. We always call 1-2 days in advance to arriving at your home to complete the work. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, only then will payment be rendered to Carolina Outdoor Care, LLC, not to an individual.

Does the homeowner need to be present while the work is being done?
No, with a few rare exceptions. Since we are working outside, the home owner does not need to be present unless we are performing view clearing, or tree trimming for improved satellite signal reception, or if you have a pet that needs to be kenneled.

What about damage to my yard?
Carolina Outdoor Care will take every step to ensure the most minimal impact on your yard and landscaping, once the job is complete, we thoroughly clean up the wood, brush and debris, and most always, there is no evidence that we were even there, except that the tree is gone!

Our Fees Upfront

Average half day rate: $750.00
Average full day rate: $1350.00
These prices are quoted for an average sized tree up to 24 inches in diameter in a location easily accessible by our crew and equipment. Sometimes, specialized equipment is needed to complete the job, such as a skidsteer loader or a crane, which will affect the price. This prices includes applicable taxes and insurance, labor and general equipment, there are no hidden charges with Carolina Outdoor Care.

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